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underwater base by blablaboom


Underwater Base by SandMaster

An underwater or underground base is a type of upload on Powder Game and Powder Game 2. Similar to a player house, they usually contains many rooms and other expensive commodities. The difference being, however is that underwater/underground bases are partly or completely submerged in water or seawater if it's intended to be an underwater base, and another substance (usually a powder) such as stone if it's intended to be an underground base. Usually rooms and corridors are too small for a player to walk through comfortably, or are obstructed with large objects. This makes the underwater base more of a pixel art than player upload. They can often have many decorations such as TVs, posters, lamps, tanks, boats, and fish. The outside walls of an underwater base must be constructed of an element that will not react with water or seawater, or the base would flood itself. This is why the majority of underwater bases are constructed with C-4 or block walls.

Underwater bases as uploads generally get a large amount of votes, simply due to their complex and high-quality nature. As a result, underwater bases are very popular upload types.

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