The Unknown Zone is a zone in the game Irritation Stickman. The whole screen is covered with these question marks, except for the stickmen, the Goal, and the Timer. It can be uncovered by any stickman near it. Players have to be extremely careful in these types of zones, as they could die in hidden traps inside the Unknown Zones. They are very similar to the dark spots in the Cavern series in Stick Ranger.


Stage 5-2 Unknown Zone

Stage 5-2. As the stickmen are moved forward, what is behind the Unknown Zone is gradually revealed.

The Unknown Zone is only seen four times in Irritation Stickman, mostly in the "5" group of levels, as they are cavern-based.
  • 5-1
  • 5-2
  • 5-3
  • 7-2

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