Unstable elements are certain elements in Powder Game and Powder Game 2 that disappear quickly after start is pressed, without having to undergo a reaction with other elements to do so.

Unstable elements include:

  • Steam - will disappear a while after creation. If steam is saved and reloaded in Powder Game 2, it will disappear within one frame.
  • Fire - will disappear a while after creation, but can create winds and even defy gravity.
  • Thunder - will disappear in contact with block and any other element (except metal and mercury which will conduct the thunder), and is unable to stay in place.
  • Laser - will disappear on contact with block, and is unable to stay in place. (Technically laser is unstable because it disappears after a set number of frames, but it constantly creates new particles that creates the illusion of motion).
  • Spark - will disappear a while after creation.

Other elements such as bomb and jointbomb can also be considered unstable under certain circumstances, as well. If bomb contacts certain elements such as laser, it will disperse into dots of bomb that disappear soon after creation. The same happens if jointbomb is burnt by any lighter element.

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