Cavern 3
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The single level of the Village. In the Inn, a player can heal characters for gold.

The Village is a stage in Stick Ranger. It is located on the island in the far northwest and it is similar to the Town, Resort, Forget Tree, and Island. Like the Town, the Village stage consists of only one level and there are no enemies in this stage. It contains three important features: the Inn, the Compo Shop, and the Book.


The Inn heals the characters and restores all their LP in exchange for gold. It works in the same way as the Inn in the Town.

For further details, see the main article: Inn

Compo Shop

At the Compo Shop, players can buy and sell items that can not be found in the Shop in the Town with gold. The Compo Shop has all of the LV1 compo items in it except for the ONIGIRI's Card 1 and Gold rush Card 1. It is usually useless buying compo items because the player should already have access to the LV 2 or even 3 variants, unless they want to use LV1 compo items to keep their team in VS at a lower rank.

For further details, see the main article: Shop


Just like in the Town, the Book functions as an enemy encyclopedia where the player can view the stats of all of the enemies in a stage.

For further details, see the main article: Book

Comparison to the Town

The Village and the Town are very similar, having a few differences:

  • The Town has a shop which sells only weapons, while the Village has a Compo Shop which sells only compo items.
  • The Town is reachable right from the beginning in the game because it is the place where the characters start the game. In order to reach the Village, the player has to conquer several stages (12, if the player takes the direct route) until they can reach it.

Comparison to the Island

The Village is very similar to the Island, as both of them sell compo items.

  • The main difference between the Village and Island is that the Island sells compo items of higher levels, while the Village only sells LV 1 compo items.
  • It takes 34 stages to get to the Island, instead of the 12 to get to the Village.
  • The Island is a branch off of a chain of stages, while the Village is an end to a chain of stages, coming right after Cavern 3.


The Village was implemented in ver3.7 BETA.


  • This is the western-most stage in the game.
  • This is the second stage to not lead anywhere.