Special properties
Has the property to grow on any element except fan

Vine is a element in Powder Game. It grows on other elements, even on fire.


  • Vine grows on everything (with the exception of fan), even on destructive or unusual elements such as fire, gas, and liquids.
  • If the player drags vine or moves it with a wheel, it grows quickly because it immediately starts growing at the new position.
  • Since vine grows even on fire, it can also be the perfect way to make bombs. It burns quickly, and even recreates more fuel for the fire while burning. As a solid, it can be used as container to seal liquids like oil or Nitro.
  • Seed can grow on vine. However, Vine only grows sideways and up, and will cover the grown wood if it can.
  • Ants can make pathways on vine. Since vine grows over things and lowers new vines constantly, the ants create pathways more random than usual.
  • While vine isn't immune to Acid, it's fairly resistant and can grow over acid more than the acid destroys, meaning that in conclusion there may be more vine than before.
  • When bomb hits vine, it becomes powder.
  • If a ball or dot of seawater is put onto the vine, the vine changes into powder.

Hanging vine

  • The hanging vines that grow off of the actual element do not act like vine and could be considered another element. When in contact with other elements, the hanging vines do not grow around anything, yet they still absorb ants and combust with the same elements.
  • When a vine-charged Virus ball hits a hanging vine, it turns the hanging vine into normal vine, which grows new tendrils.
  • When hanging vine is saved and loaded, it becomes vine.


  • Draw pad
  • Jungle decorations
  • Creepy text (upload descriptions)
  • Bird traps

Effects with other elements

Element Vine Hanging Vine
Acid Destroys Vine/Vine grows over acid None
Ant Ant becomes charged Ant becomes charged
Bomb Destroys Vine, shrapnel becomes powder, remaining vine grows on powder Destroys Vine, shrapnel becomes powder
Bird Vine grows on bird None
Clone Vine is cloned Normal vine is cloned
C-4 Grows on C-4 None
Fan None None
Fire Vine is burned/grows on Fire Vine is burned
Fireworks Vine grows on Fireworks None
Gas Vine grows on gas None
Glass Vine grows on Glass None
Gunpowder Vine grows on Gunpowder None
Ice Vine grows on ice None
Laser Vine is burned and grows on Fire created Vine is burned
Magma Vine grows on Magma/Vine is burned and grows on resulting fire Vine is burned
Mercury Vine grows on Mercury None
Metal Vine grows on Metal None
Nitro Vine grows on nitro None
Oil Vine grows on oil None
Powder Vine grows on Powder None
Pump Vine grows on Pump None
Salt Vine grows on Salt None
Seawater Vine is turned to powder and grows on the Powder created. However, the layer of vine on top is constantly being changed to powder, so therefore it grows even higher and it is almost like the powder cloning. Vine is turned to powder and grows on the powder created
Seed Vine grows on Seed/Seed grows Wood Seed grows Wood only on the top
Snow Vine grows on Snow None
Soapy Vine grows on Soapy None
Spark Vine grows on Spark None
Steam Vine grows on Steam None
Stone Vine grows on Stone None
Superball Vine grows on Superball None
Thunder Vine grows on Thunder/Vine is destroyed Vine is destroyed
Torch Vine grows on Torch and is burned, then grows on resulting fire Vine is burned
Virus Vine is infected Vine is infected
Water Vine grows on Water None
Wood Vine grows on Wood None

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