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A viral loop is a type of technology in Powder Game and Powder Game 2 that, in effect, consists of simple virus continuously re-infecting a large loop of a certain element over an over again. They can be made using any solid, powder (and sometime liquids) except virus, bomb, or fan.

How to create

Viral loop

A viral loop.

Viral loops must be created while on stop to prevent elements from falling. A ring of the chosen element must be placed around a line of block, which will support this element when infected. A hole must then be made in the ring, with a powder element placed high enough over the hole so that it won't be infected by virus initially, but will instead slowly fall and later fill this hole before the virus makes a "lap." A small amount of virus must then be placed in contact with the element within the loop, preferably at the hole. Next, press start. If done correctly, the virus will "run" around the block forever. They can be created in other ways, but are only capable of being uploaded if done this way, as this method has a 100% success rate.

Liquid loops

It is also possible to make loops from liquid elements. Begin by creating a ring of the liquid with a hole in the middle while on stop. Make sure this hole is large enough that the liquid will not disperse and bridge this gap immediately when start is pressed, ensuring that the virus will not travel in both directions, canceling the loop effect. On one side of the hole create a wall of virus as tall as the liquid, then press start.

Vine loop


Virus infecting clone on speed x 8

The vine loop is fairly unusual, in that it will grow taller with each lap, by growing over each virus dot before being transformed into virus, and then grown on again by another un-infected vine dot. Because of this property, a vine loop is generally classified as a type of blob.

Clone loop

A clone loop is created by adding virus to clone when start is pressed. This will result in the virus infecting part of the clone, which will then be cloned by the surrounding clone, creating more virus, which then turns to clone until the cycle repeats.

Viral Spiral

Creating an intentional viral loop can be difficult, but when large quantities of virus are put together, they often form natural viral loops that demonstrates a spiral pattern.