For its Powder Game 2 counterpart, see Virus (Powder Game 2 element).

~0.17 px/frame
Reacts with other elements to turn them into other elements.
Special properties
See first item in the list of properties

Virus is a Powder Game element that can turn an element into another element. Its state of matter is powder.


The virus transforms all elements into the first thing it touches.


  • A single particle of virus gets "charged" with the first element it touches. Then, any element it touches (except fan) is turned into virus, then turned into the element.


  • Soapy charged virus will become soapy, but in a strong wind it will multiply quickly due to the bubbles the soapy forms.
  • Clone charged virus grows slowly, but thunder, wind and dragging altogether speed up the process. It also cannot be destroyed altogether, as acid would only destroy the virus, and some clone would remain.
  • Thunder-charged virus turns into thunder, and if the virus is located on the ground, the thunder will disappear very quickly.
  • Bomb-charged virus turns into bomb dots and will in most cases blow up immediately, due to the direct contact to other virus particles which have not changed yet. Bomb is very difficult to infect with virus as the virus is usually disintergrated before it has a chance to infect.
  • Fan will not interact with virus.
  • Laser-charged virus explodes into a huge amount of laser rays.
  • Spark charged virus will disappear in time.


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