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Vortex (also known as a Portal) is a simple type of upload and technology in Powder Game and Powder Game 2. A vortex is generally made to simulate a real-life vortex, or the way portals are commonly depicted, and is usually very colorful.


Vortex Portal, by ddman.

A vortex is made using block, an element to generate wind, and BG-aura, along with several elements that will serve as colour. A vortex is generally constructed from a large mass of block with a circle in the center. Inside this circle is generally a large amount of very colourful powders and/or liquids for further decoration. On each "edge" of this circle are generally located four, long tubes, containing different elements that will cause wind to be produced, such as fire-charged clone or fan. These tubes are generally caped with a non-reactive solid such as metal to prevent elements from entering, or sometimes leaving the tubes. Each tube is facing in such a way that it causes air in the circle to circulate in a strong motion. This then propels the elements within the circle, and causes a "streaking" effect in combination with BG-aura.

Vortexes as standalone uploads generally obtain a medium to large amount of votes, however are very popular with new users, and therefore considered very unoriginal. Because of this, it is generally recommended to include a vortex with another creation, such as part of a multi-upload.


The color of the vortex depends on the elements used. In most cases, these elements are water, seawater, and superballs. Only in rare cases are elements such as virus, ants, and magma used, because they can react with other elements, and even the wind producers in some cases. It is more common for this type of upload to use only liquid or powder type elements because they are more affected by air and wind.

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