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Vote count is a property of uploads on Powder Game and Powder Game 2. It can be increased or even cause the corresponding upload's deletion (if enough viewers select the 'delete' button). A user can only vote or delete uploads created within the last three months, and once per upload. The number of votes on an upload was probably originally intended as an indicator of its quality, but has since become a very poor indicator, with many people voting for useless "idea" uploads or falling for several kinds of vote scams.

Powder Game Stars
Votes are shown by five coloured stars under the upload title, as well as with the standard number counter. 0 votes are 5 grey stars, 1-9 votes are 5 black stars, 10-49 votes are 5 blue stars, 50-99 votes are 5 green stars, and over 500 votes are 5 red stars. It should also be noted that there is no way to view the amount of deletion requests on any specific upload until said upload has been deleted.

Changing Votes

Each vote will increase the vote counter by one, while delete, unlike a downvote rating system, has no effect on the vote count. Instead, it contributes to an unviewable counter, that, upon exceeding the amount of votes for that upload, will cause the upload's deletion from the save data.

  • Pressing "Vote", increases the vote count of the corresponding upload by one vote and displays the message, "* Thank you for voting." replacing the vote and delete buttons.
  • Pressing "Delete," requests a deletion for the upload and increases the unviewable deletion counter by one. If by the end of the 12-hour period, the upload has acquired more deletion requests than votes, that upload will be automatically deleted. However, large amounts of deletion requests can be offset by a larger amount of votes, making it hard to remove an inappropriate upload if that upload has already obtained a large amount of votes. Pressing the delete button will display the message "* Your deletion request is sent." replacing the vote and delete buttons.

Getting Votes


To obtain a larger amount votes, many uploaders will often place list-format promises, promising a certain upload type if a certain volume of votes are reached.

100 votes - i will make player course 
200 votes - pixel art 
300 votes - surprise!

Sometimes uploaders even keep their promises. Many, however do not, and are simply attempting to gain more votes. Before voting because of a promise, one should generally go back and check to see if said uploader has kept their promises on other past uploads. If this is their first upload which includes a promise or if they usually keep promises, one may consider to vote. It is also a good policy to check the quality of previous uploads first, and to decide whether one would really like to see more creations from said uploader. Many uploaders also use promises to say if they reach a certain amount of votes, they will make the next upload in a series.

Common uploads that may obtain large amounts of votes:

  • Good uploads such as Ball course (Suggested, always works)
  • Pixel arts, generally using Gimp (Almost always works, but some people prefer 100% hand-drawn pixel art)
  • Uploads with text to tell viewers to vote (Works fairly well)
  • Uploads with text to tell viewers not to vote (Unfortunately often works because of reverse psychology)
  • Uploads with promise(s) such as to make better uploads on a number of uploads (Works sometimes)
  • Uploads with the uploader's Ideas for a Dan-Ball game (Works well)
  • Save uploads, asking the viewer to vote to save a certain creation (works quite effectively)
  • Uploads with a viewpoint that is widely accepted by Powder Game's target audience such as "Homework is bad" or "Powder Game is awesome." (effectiveness varies on the topic)
  • Uploads with a story about a personal problem such as deceased relatives, friends, pets, or smoking parents and with a promise that a number of votes will cause the problem to stop (Works sometimes depending on the topic)
  • Hidden message uploads (works somewhat well depending on the message displayed)

Above all, it is highly recommended to simply put effort into one's upload, taking the time to use pen-s 0 and the scale function to create complex pixel arts to the best of one's skill.

Scams and Recognizing them

If one encounters a scam, it is advised to select the delete button so that quality uploads can be created instead. If one sees the following upload type, said upload is most likely a scam.

  • The upload claims a certain glitch will happen if the player click vote
  • The upload says vote to save the _____
  • The upload claims something will happen if there is a certain number of votes and there is little to back up the claim
  • The upload says vote to make the game be updated
  • The upload claims a fake feature will happen when one votes
  • The upload says delete if the player wants _____ (Negative)

    An example of scam, OMG!!! IMPORTANT by hiya

Main article: vote scams.

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