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Water makes wood grow, destroys torch, rusts metal (making powder), freezes upon contact with ice, destroys and gets destroyed by magma (making steam and stone.)
Special properties
Both horizontally and vertically.

Water is the second element in Powder Game. Water is also the first liquid in Powder Game. It simulates water in real life.


  • Water, on contact with wood, creates seed. Water + tree = seed + tree = grow.
  • Water freezes on contact with ice and ice ball.
  • Water ball can bounce from surface of water.
  • Water and magma eliminate each other, producing steam and stone.
  • Water destroys torch.
  • Water rusts metal, producing powder.
  • Water is less dense than all liquids and powders, except for oil.
  • Water is eaten away by laser.
  • Water is destroyed by acid in 1:4 ratio.
  • Water melts snow into water.
  • If it is mixed with salt, it becomes salt water.
  • Water turns normal ball into powder and salt ball into seawater ball.
  • In water, only two elements will move when dragged. These are stone and superball. Because stone will turn to powder after too much dragging, one must be careful when dragging it, as the powder will stop moving with the drag and sink to the bottom. These elements will also move in a few other liquids.


  • Water can be used in technologies by rusting metal in certain, predetermined areas, causing thunder within said metal to be diverted.
  • Water is used as one of the few blue colours available in Powder Game.
  • Water is often used in visual illusions, such as a vortex.