A Water filter is a fairly common type of Powder Game and less-so Powder Game 2 upload and technology where water mixed with other elements (generally oil) or liquids are channeled through a series of tunnels, often made of block, with several filtering elements and objects between. This way, the liquid is said to be "filtered," and removed of a certain undesired element. The filtered liquid then usually flows off the screen or into a container of some sort to be collected (also usually made with block). Water filters are not usually of high quality and are very unoriginal, however more advanced filters can be detailed and sometimes be used as a chain reaction. Despite their unoriginality and simplicity, water filters are capable of obtaining a medium to high amount of votes, simply as they are extremely popular with newer users.

Water filters are often composed of water-charged clone, block, wheel, fan, and several other elements. A basic filter separates oil and water, both of which often come from clone. The water filter commonly burns the oil or transports it using fan, leaving only water behind.

Some of the most common ways of creating water filters are using small pieces of Torch-charged clone, making the oil burn while the water passes through safely. Another approach includes laser and laser-charged clone to ignite the undesired element, however there is a possibility that this approach can destroy some of the water that has entered the filter. Thunder is another element often found in some filters, and is used to burn certain elements such as oil.

Filtering elements

There are a variety of ways to separate liquids and powders.

  • Elemental-charged pump balls can be used to filter liquids.
  • Elemental-charged virus balls can be used to transform elements.
  • Fan can blow lighter powders onto a higher platform, while heavier ones such as stone fall to a lower container.
  • Torch, thunder, or laser-charged clone can be used to burn off flammable elements.
  • Pump can be used to separate powders from liquids by conducting said liquid.


A variation of the common water filter is where oil is used instead of water, and the upload is known as an oil refinery.

Gold mines are uploads generally using fan to separate two powders of different masses, most often powder and stone, with powder being gold and stone as rock or dirt.

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