experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
White Big Vampire Snake
55- 1
56 550
57 1100
58 1650
59 2200
60 2750
61 3300
62 3850
63 4400
64 4950
65 5500
66 4950
67 4400
68 3850
69 3300
70 2750
71 2200
72 1650
73 1100
74 550
75+ 1
White Big Vampire Snake White Big Vampire Snake
Location: Snowfield 7
LP: 40000
AT: Bullet:10-50 (Burn 5%)
Cloud residue:6-9 (Burn 5%) ×50
Minimum AGI: 150
Expected AGI: 195.59
Range: 300
Strength: none
Weakness: none
LV: 65
EXP: 5500
Gold ($): 550
Drops: Onigiri (100%)
Aquamarine 5 (5%)
Species: Snake
Head: Vampire
Attack: WhiteBigVampireSnakeBulletSmall Heat
Head colour: #FEFEFE
Body colour: #323265
Movement: jumping


This behemoth of an enemy fires a large Bullet that explodes into 50 cloud attacks on impact with the ground, which can seriously damage characters caught in the blast. The explosion resembles that from the Fire Spirit 2, but the cloud attacks reflect off the terrain instead of piercing through it.

These enemies can be horribly dangerous, especially when paired with the Blue Diamond Mushrooms, which can lock characters in place with their freezing attacks. A suitable strategy for dealing with them is to lock them up with freezing attacks, such as the Magician's Big Icicle 4, since they do not have any immunities to Freeze. Thunder and Poison type weapons are also largely recommended against it.

There is another, rather bizarre way to dodge their attacks. If only one character will be hit by the blast, drag the character into the floor constantly. The character will take some damage from the bullet, but the flames will envelop the area around the player, since the heat clouds reflect off of the ground, which in turn leaves a large safespot right in the middle of the blast.


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