experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
White Boss Castle Snake
57- 1
58 700
59 1400
60 2100
61 2800
62 3500
63 4200
64 4900
65 5600
66 6300
67 7000
68 6300
69 5600
70 4900
71 4200
72 3500
73 2800
74 2100
75 1400
76 700
77+ 1
White Boss Castle Snake White Boss Castle Snake
Location: Snowfield 7
LP: 60000
AT: Bullet:10-50 (3.6s)
Needle residue: 5-15 (3.6s) ×50
Minimum AGI: 150
Expected AGI: 195.59
Range: 300
Strength: Freeze (Time -90%)
Weakness: none
LV: 67
EXP: 7000
Gold ($): 1000
Drops: Diamond 5 (10%)
Species: Snake
Head: Castle
Attack: SF7BossBulletSF7BossNeedle
Head colour: #FEFECB
Body colour: #CB9800
Movement: jumping


This enemy is essentially a beefed up version of the White Big Vampire Snake. The Bullet attack has been upgraded to fire a bullet that explodes into freezing projectiles on contact with anything. Teamed up with the horde of 99 Orange Castle Snakes, this boss can easily freeze characters and have them destroyed by the horde, making this one of the most difficult bosses in the game.

Weapons that deal splash damage, such as the Magician's Super Volcano 4 and the Priest's Explosion Staff 5 are strongly advised for this boss. The Sniper's Indra Arrow 6 should also be considered, if the player has one.

Another incredibly effective option is using the Magician's Big Icicle 4 (or the Freeze Explosion 6, if available). It freezes a fair chunk of the hordes, and makes it much easier to kill them. Once the minions are dead, this boss becomes fairly simple to deal with.

Alternatively, a viable strategy would be to bait the large snake itself. Drag an inconsequential character combat-wise (Such as the Priest) relatively close to the large snake. Keep it nearby so the snake will not move towards other characters, and avoid the freezing bullets it fires. This essentially shuts the large snake down as the other characters are free to deal with the smaller ones without risk of being frozen and exposed to the mobs. Regardless, Freeze Charms are still recommended in case one is to get hit by the freezing projectiles.