experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
White Boss Castle Stickman (SF2)
50- 1
51 600
52 1200
53 1800
54 2400
55 3000
56 3600
57 4200
58 4800
59 5400
60 6000
61 5400
62 4800
63 4200
64 3600
65 3000
66 2400
67 1800
68 1200
69 600
70+ 1
White Boss Castle Stickman (SF2) White Boss Castle Stickman
Location: Snowfield 2
LP: 33000
AT: 300-300
Minimum AGI: 250
Expected AGI: 268.34
Range: 320
Strength: Freeze (Time -90%)
Weakness: none
LV: 60
EXP: 6000
Gold ($): 500
Drops: Inferno 5 (20%)
Catapult's Card 5 (10%)
Species: Stickman
Head: Castle
Attack: White big ball
Head colour: #FFFFFF
Body colour: #FFFFFF
Movement: walking


This boss is a ramped up version of the White Boss X Walker from Snowfield 1. Although it has an averaged-out AT from the previous boss, the damage will always be fixed at 300, meaning that its ball attack hits hard. However, it bounces like the Pink Big Castle Stickman's ball, so it is actually easy to avoid - simply slide the characters under the ball as it goes up. However, this boss is also supported by a swarm of 80 White Castle Stickmen that players can kill for onigiris. Still, it also has a large range. Like the White Boss X Walker, the Freezing effect is reduced by 90% instead of the normal 80%. Despite its high damage and number of minions, this is not a difficult boss to overcome. Fire and Freeze type weapons are recommended against the group at first. Once most of the White Castle Stickmen are gone, switching to Thunder and Poison type weapons should bring this boss into submission.

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