experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
White Boss Roundhead Mushroom
23- 1
24 250
25 500
26 750
27 1000
28 1250
29 1500
30 1750
31 2000
32 2250
33 2500
34 2250
35 2000
36 1750
37 1500
38 1250
39 1000
40 750
41 500
42 250
43+ 1
White Boss Roundhead Mushroom White Boss Roundhead Mushroom
Location: Mist Grove 1
LP: 11000
AT: 33-33 ×23
Minimum AGI: 100
Expected AGI: 100
Range: 500
Strength: Physical (AT -30)
Ice (AT & Slow Time -50%)
Thunder (AT -50%)
Poison (Immune)
Freeze (Time -80%)
Weakness: Fire (AT +100%)
LV: 33
EXP: 2500
Gold ($): 300
Drops: Long Sword's Card 3 (10%)
Big Card 3 (10%)
Species: Mushroom
Head: Roundhead
Attack: WhiteBossRoundheadMushroomPellet
Head colour: #FFFFC9
Body colour: #FFCA93
Movement: no movement


Mist Grove 1 Boss strategy

This image shows how the boss can be defeated without taking any damage. First, the player must put one (or more) stickman with a Fire type weapon in a safe spot and let him attack the boss. The others may be safe in the corner of the screen. The pellets always land at the same spot, which are indicated by the red arrows showing the direction of movement.

This boss may be difficult to defeat because of its immense LP, its very high AT, and its diverse strengths. Because the attacks are spread out, and hit the exact same places every time, a good tactic is to place all characters between the places of impact in their range to avoid any damage at all, while using Fire type weapons to damage the boss effectively. Players must constantly adjust all characters because with each attack, they move a little in one direction. The exceptions are the Magicians and Priests, which do not move at all, regardless. Melee characters with Fire type weapons can also apply the Dodge strategy to defeat this boss easily. Only Physical type weapons with a high AT (such as a Long Sabel 4) and Freeze type weapons can cut through its defenses without Fire type weapons, as this boss is weak to Fire. The Magician's Volcano 2 and the Priest's Staff of Flame 3 should put this boss out of commission without having to worry about getting a Game Over, assuming the bats with it are gone, as well.