experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
White Boss Skull Bat
11- 1
12 200
13 400
14 600
15 800
16 1000
17 1200
18 1400
19 1600
20 1800
21 2000
22 1800
23 1600
24 1400
25 1200
26 1000
27 800
28 600
29 400
30 200
31+ 1
White Boss Skull Bat White Boss Skull Bat
Location: Cavern 2
LP: 4000
AT: 4-5 ×10
Minimum AGI: 15
Expected AGI: 74.29
Range: 90
Strength: Freeze (Time -80%)
Weakness: none
LV: 21
EXP: 2000
Gold ($): 700
Drops: Pierce's Card 2 (10%)
Thunder Spirit 2 (10%)
Species: Bat
Head: Skull
Attack: White Needle
Head colour: #FEFEFE
Body colour: #999999
Movement: flying


This enemy is easy to defeat for ranged characters (depending on the level and weapon), but hard to defeat for melee characters. Its attack of 10 needles can greatly damage melee players over time. The bait strategy is also very difficult to apply here, as the bait will take a large amount of damage and the fact that the screen's area is smaller. Furthermore, the additional effect of darkness in the Cavern stages can make the boss and its attacks hard to locate, resulting in moderate damage to any characters if the player does not pay attention and search beforehand. Ice and Thunder type weapons will work extremely well against this boss, as Ice will slow it down so ranged characters can hit easier, and Thunder can do some great damage against it. A Gunner with a Rifle 1 or a Homing Laser 2 is also recommended for taking down the boss from a range. If the boss is near the ground, a Gladiator with a Lightsaber 2, a Whipper with a Thunder Whip 1, or a Boxer with a Spark Glove 2 will take off plenty of LP for the ranged characters to finish it off without much of a problem. Slowing it with Ice should be done beforehand when the boss approaches the ground.

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