Sub-Castle Boss, the former name of this Stick Ranger enemy, redirects here.


experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
White Boss Skull Stickman (CG)
6- 1
7 100
8 200
9 300
10 400
11 500
12 600
13 700
14 800
15 900
16 1000
17 900
18 800
19 700
20 600
21 500
22 400
23 300
24 200
25 100
26+ 1
White Boss Skull Stickman (CG) White Boss Skull Stickman
Location: Castle Gate
LP: 2000
AT: 10-20
Minimum AGI: 50
Expected AGI: 52.32
Range: 40
Strength: Freeze (Time -80%)
Weakness: none
LV: 16
EXP: 1000
Gold ($): 500
Drops: Blizzard 2 (33.33%)
Critical's Card 1 (10%)
Species: Stickman
Head: Skull
Attack: Red Large Two Arrow
Head colour: #CBCBCB
Body colour: #996633
Movement: walking


This enemy is only as strong as half of the original Castle Boss, and it can be considered as a stronger version of the White Skull Stickman, only with a vertical attack, instead. While he can only shoot the red Two Arrow attack, he is not to be underestimated, as he has a big amount of health and attacks fairly fast. Keeping some distance between this enemy and letting the team attack him with ranged attacks will prove to be useful. Surprisingly, this enemy gives a large amount of experience to juvenile Stick Ranger characters. The Dodge strategy or the Hit and Run strategy may help to beat this boss. Another strategy that is useful is the bait strategy. Ice type weapons will also help against the boss to slow down the fast firing rate. A Sniper's Quad Arrow 2 will be a great Physical type weapon to use against this boss, and a Priest's Lightning Staff 2 helps magically. Players can often grind this boss for EXP if the Castle Boss seems too hard. It is also recommended to grind for its Critical's Card 1, as it greatly helps melees against the Castle Boss.

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