experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
White Boss Skull Zombie
38- 1
39 300
40 600
41 900
42 1200
43 1500
44 1800
45 2100
46 2400
47 2700
48 3000
49 2700
50 2400
51 2100
52 1800
53 1500
54 1200
55 900
56 600
57 300
58+ 1
White Boss Skull Zombie White Boss Skull Zombie
Location: Desert 6
LP: 18000
AT: 6-6 (1.32s) (=396) ×6
Minimum AGI: 350
Expected AGI: 350
Range: 500
Strength: Freeze (Time -80%)
Weakness: none
LV: 48
EXP: 3000
Gold ($): 666
Drops: Sonic Knuckle 4 (20%)
Explosion Chain 4 (20%)
Long Sword's Card 4 (10%)
Species: Zombie
Head: Skull
Attack: WBSZ deadly poison
Head colour: #FFFFFF
Body colour: #FFFFFF
Movement: walking


This boss can be extremely strong and fierce. Its attack consists of 6 extremely strong Poison clouds. These attacks can travel slow but very far. Fortunately, the attack's AGI is very high, causing a long delay between attacks. The Bait strategy may help, but the boss can still approach the attacker. Using the Dodge strategy or the Hit and Run strategy with a melee character on the boss is also effective. Poison Charm 3s can also be used to reduce the chance of being poisoned, but don't try to rely on it, as the consequences of failing will usually result in death for the character with the charm, due to the massive damage being enough to kill a character under normal circumstances. Like the Red Gel Zombie, this boss drops 666 gold. It is recommended to use ranged attacks, especially the Sniper's Triple Poison 4.

Fun fact quoted from the Dan Ball forums: "The Boss shoots 6 clouds of poison. The poison does a damage of 6 per frame for a duration of 66 frames. So each cloud does a damage of 396. That should be survivable by some rangers, but somehow it appears that you can be infected twice." The same applies to the Red Gel Zombie, along with all other Poison type enemies.


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