experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
White Boss Triangle Walker
74- 1
75 900
76 1800
77 2700
78 3600
79 4500
80 5400
81 6300
82 7200
83 8100
84 9000
85 8100
86 7200
87 6300
88 5400
89 4500
90 3600
91 2700
92 1800
93 900
94+ 1
White Boss Triangle Walker White Boss Triangle Walker
Location: Inferno 1
LP: 200000
AT: 10-20 ×50
Minimum AGI: 300
Expected AGI: 318.34
Range: 1000
Strength: Freeze (Time -100%)
Weakness: none
LV: 84
EXP: 9000
Gold ($): 4000
Drops: Triple Shotgun 7 (33.33%)
Berserk Card 6 (10%)
Species: Walker
Head: Triangle
Attack: CyanBossTriangleWalkerSpear
Head colour: #CBCBFE
Body colour: #663399
Movement: Walking


Safespotting Cyan Boss Triangle

Example of the Safe Spot while fighting this boss, the spears guide around the Sniper and bounce away.

Like its pink cousin, this enemy hails down a massive amount of spears at characters. The spears also have great homing distance (100) and bounce off terrain, behaving like arrows from a Triple Iron Arrow 3 with a Reflection Card 4 and a Guide's Card. There is a silver lining though: the spears only lasts for 3.2s, and they can be easily safespotted if a stickman is placed in close range. One can also direct the spears away by using a character as a bait until the spears disappear, but this strategy can prove to be both difficult and sometimes suicidal. As with the rest of the stage, a Silver or Black Crystal should be considered before taking down this behemoth to nullify at least a large amount of damage. Poison and Ice type weapons are recommended in taking this boss down. Thunder type weapons are also suitable.


  • Like its pink cousin, this enemy is tied for the largest amount of projectile attacks, along with the Pyramid Boss.

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