experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
White Boss X Walker (SF1)
49- 1
50 600
51 1200
52 1800
53 2400
54 3000
55 3600
56 4200
57 4800
58 5400
59 6000
60 5400
61 4800
62 4200
63 3600
64 3000
65 2400
66 1800
67 1200
68 600
69+ 1
White Boss X Walker (SF1) White Boss X Walker (SF1)
Location: Snowfield 1
LP: 30000
AT: 100-500
Minimum AGI: 250
Expected AGI: 268.34
Range: 300
Strength: Freeze (Time -90%)
Weakness: none
LV: 59
EXP: 6000
Gold ($): 2000
Drops: Thunder Blade 5 (33.33%)
Long Sword's Card 5 (10%)
Species: Walker
Head: X
Attack: White big ball
Head colour: #FFFFFF
Body colour: #313031
Movement: walking


This is a horrendously powerful boss enemy that appears in the end of the Snowfield 1. This boss launches extremely powerful balls that slide along the ground after landing, usually surprising most players. The Cyan X Walkers surrounding the boss simply make matters worse. It is highly recommended to eliminate the Cyan X Walkers quickly. If the team has a Sniper, try to keep him alive. After most of the Walkers are dead, apply the Dodge strategy with the Sniper, either by dragging over or under the balls, or use a melee character or two (both) with extremely high LP and with a Black Crystal 4 equipped. In the latter's case, drag the melee character to distract the boss so that the Sniper will remain unharmed, while the melee character can also distract the balls to the other side and attack. Thunder and Poison type weapons are best against this boss. Overall, this is simply a big upgrade of the White Boss X Walker from Hill Country 1. To compare, the weaker version has 900 LP, while this boss has 33.3x as much LP, it also has 10x the min AT and over 20x the max AT, has double the range, and balls can slide while the other cannot. Its ball attack can hit multiple characters if they are placed on the same general vicinity, like its Hill Country 1 relative. The only thing about this boss that it shoots much slower than the one in Hill Country 1, so this makes the Dodge strategy much easier. It's interesting to note that this boss has a 90% immunity to Freeze instead of the regular 80%, as the only bosses that have 90% instead of the normal 80% before are Mega bosses.


  • This is the third-most damaging enemy in the game and second-most in terms of physical damage. The first two are the Hell Castle Boss and the Grey Big Box Snake, both of which have a max AT of 9999.

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