experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
White Diamond Cactus
30- 1
31 30
32 60
33 90
34 120
35 150
36 180
37 210
38 240
39 270
40 300
41 270
42 240
43 210
44 180
45 150
46 120
47 90
48 60
49 30
50+ 1
White Diamond Cactus White Diamond Cactus
Location: Desert 4
LP: 450
AT: 1-4 ×3
Minimum AGI: 50
Expected AGI: 50
Range: 500
Strength: none
Weakness: none
LV: 40
EXP: 300
Gold ($): 50
Drops: Quad Iron Arrow 4 (3.33%)
Species: Cactus
Head: Diamond
Attack: WhiteDiamondCactusNeedle
Head colour: #C9C5C9
Body colour: #C99158
Movement: no movement


This enemy is a slightly stronger cousin of the Pink Diamond Cactus from Desert 3, and at least one of these enemies will appear in each screen. It has the same attack with max AT higher by 1, and it almost has the same LP (higher by 50). This is barely an upgrade, however, so they can be killed with ease. In large mobs, though, their multiple needle attacks can do a fair amount of damage. Poison or Fire type weapons will clear out a mob of this enemy with ease, but the latter is significantly more dangerous to use, since it will cause more needles to be fired. To counter this, Freeze type weapons should be put to use when a Fire type weapon is being used. Despite this, defeating this enemy should be incredibly easy if the player has went through Desert 3 before.

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