Turn into powder when drawn trough wheel
Special properties
Seed and water make it grow.

Wood (also called tree) is a solid, artificial Powder Game element. Wood is one of the four hidden Powder Game elements.



Growing tree

  • Seed and powder both make wood grow. But after planted, seed can also be used to make it grow. Also, water will create new seeds to keep the tree growing.
  • It is flammable and burns using this process: First, a lighter element touches the wood. Next, the wood produces fire, and when the wood emits a specified amount (narrowed it down to below 30) it turns into one dot of powder.
  • Wood turns into torch if it touches it.
  • A turning wheel and bombs can turn wood into powder.
  • Wood and vine are the only solids which can be moved in any way other than with wheel - it can be dragged, and thunder or explosions make it spread out.

Block of wood before and after a C-4 explosion.

  • If the three elements wood, water, and fire are placed in the right mix, the reactions won't stop for a very long time. Water creates new seed from the trees. Fire burns down the trees, which also generates powder and wind. Due to the wind, the powder and seeds create constantly new trees at various places.
  • Players can walk through wood unlike other solids but they mainly move upwards within a wooden block.
  • Wood may also be made by putting seed on vine.
  • Wood will not turn snow into water.
  • Birds sometimes land on wood for a while.
  • Surrounding burning wood/tree with water extinguishes the fire, but makes all the burning wood turn into powder.
  • Seawater turns wood into powder.
  • Water ball turns wood into seed, seawater ball turns in into powder.
  • A solid block of wood can be made by putting Virus on a piece of wood attached to another element (preferably a solid or powder).
  • Wood "grows" in a similar manner to that of thunder, but distance varies, it "grows" up, and it is a randomized pattern.