experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Yellow Boss Coconut Walker
75- 1
76 900
77 1800
78 2700
79 3600
80 4500
81 5400
82 6300
83 7200
84 8100
85 9000
86 8100
87 7200
88 6300
89 5400
90 4500
91 3600
92 2700
93 1800
94 900
95+ 1
Yellow Boss Coconut Walker Yellow Coconut Walker
Location: Inferno 2
LP: 200000
AT: 20-30 (Burn 5%)
Minimum AGI: 10
Expected AGI: 55.59
Range: 300
Strength: Freeze (Time -100%)
Weakness: none
LV: 85
EXP: 9000
Gold ($): 9000
Drops: Fire Morning Star 7 (33.33%)
Katana's Card 7 (10%)
Long Sword's Card 7 (10%)
Species: Walker
Head: Coconut
Attack: IF2BossLaser
Head colour: #FECB00
Body colour: #CC9933
Movement: Walking


This boss fires a horizontal laser that pierces players and travels slowly. The fire rate is often sporadic, either very fast or slightly slow. Due to other enemies present being a decent threat, splitting up the team to attack both sides can lead to this boss being fairly dangerous. Having one group focus down on the largest threat on the screen to the party, while another distracts the boss (and possibly another enemy) is usually a good way at approaching the boss. The enemies usually spawn the exact same way every time the player enters this area; The Tan Triangle Trees spawn near the left side, the Purple Triangle Cacti spawn around the middle, the boss spawns to the right of them, and the Cyan Triangle Trees spawn to the far right, usually past the boss. Because of this, the biggest threat comes not from the boss itself, but rather, the Cyan trees that fire their fast, long ranged projectiles towards characters while being protected by a tank of a boss. To counter this, baiting the Cyan trees (and possibly the boss) with a melee character tends to work very well to prevent the trees and boss from hassling the other characters as they work on tearing down the enemies. Said melee carrying a Vampire's Card and ONIGIRI's Card combination really helps in just having one character bait the group. Once the boss itself is reached, taking it down quickly with high damaging weapons, such as the Sniper's Indra Arrow 6 is highly advised.


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