experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Yellow Roundhead Fish
22- 1
23 25
24 50
25 75
26 100
27 125
28 150
29 175
30 200
31 225
32 250
33 225
34 200
35 175
36 150
37 125
38 100
39 75
40 50
41 25
42+ 1
Yellow Roundhead Fish Yellow Roundhead Fish
Location: Submarine 4
LP: 500
AT: 1-9
Minimum AGI: 25
Expected AGI: 33.86
Range: 20
Strength: Thunder (AT =1)
Weakness: none
LV: 32
EXP: 250
Gold ($): 150
Drops: Combat Staff 4 (5%)
Gold Medal 3 (1.67%)
Species: Fish
Head: Roundhead
Attack: YellowRoundheadFishShock
Head colour: #EDED00
Body colour: #C9CA00
Movement: swimming


Players should not worry too much about this enemy, as it is weak and has a very close range attack. Attacking from a distance will almost guarantee that little to no damage will be taken. This enemy also only appears in one screen, but unfortunately, said screen has a group of 30 of this enemy, which can cause some trouble if one does not pay attention. This enemy can also be a trickster, as all other enemies in the stage are weak to Thunder, whereas this enemy is strong to it. Physical and Poison type weapons should be suitable in taking the group out quickly, especially when the weapon has an Area of Effect. Also, due to the Thunder type attack, their attack cannot be blocked by a Silver Crystal or a Priest's defense aura, since the attack pierces through. As a result, players should try to be careful if any melee characters are using Berserk Cards.

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