experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Yellow Skull Fish
10- 1
11 20
12 40
13 60
14 80
15 100
16 120
17 140
18 160
19 180
20 200
21 180
22 160
23 140
24 120
25 100
26 80
27 60
28 40
29 20
30+ 1
Yellow Skull Fish Yellow Skull Fish
Location: Cavern 1
LP: 77
AT: 1-9
Minimum AGI: 100
Expected AGI: 103.98
Range: 20
Strength: Physical (AT -1000)
Thunder (AT =1)
Fire (AT =1)
Ice (AT =1, Slow immune)
Poison (Immune)
Freeze (Time -90%)
Weakness: none
LV: 20
EXP: 200
Gold ($): 777
Drops: Topaz 2 (10%)
Bronze Medal 2 (10%)
Species: Fish
Head: Skull
Attack: Yellow Shock Fish
Head colour: #FEFE00
Body colour: #CCCC00
Movement: swimming


This enemy drops a lot of gold for its LP. However, there is a major catch to this enemy: It is resistant against all types of attacks. It can be found in small underground lakes in the stage, and it has the unique property of not being present in predefined numbers within levels. They only appear if there is sufficient water in the level, and at maximum there will only be one in each level, making acquiring the Bronze Medal 2 it drops very difficult. Unlike most enemies of the Fish species, this enemy's body color is almost the same as the color of its head. A good strategy to kill it is with Fire type weapons, which can inflict damage at a rapid rate, thus negating the damage reducing effect to a point where there should be no difficulty in killing this enemy. They are also not resistant to Freeze damage, so Freeze damage will not be negated and thus players can kill it without problems.

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