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The Staff of Poison may be extremely rare, but it's TERRIBLE without the right Compo Items. Here's my guide to master the Priest's ultimate weapon.

Starting Up

You're gonna have to fight the Purple Boss Cap Mushroom a few times. 100 poison damage is tough to live through. Some people have made it to Level 50 and still haven't found this Staff. Once you get it, you'll notice that this weapon only does 0-1, including Poison damage. That's terrible! Worry not, as you just need to find the Peridot 3 and Emerald 3. That way you'll be doing 1-3, including Poison.

So To Top It Off...

Just obtain the LV 3 gems I mentioned and your Priest can even beat Submarine Shrine's Boss without taking too much damage.And NEVER sell this weapon! EVER!!!

Tune in to more weapon tests!

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